Business Promotion

Tell your brand story, relive that great company event, promote an upcoming event. Video allows you to connect to your audience in a way never available before.


TIME: 1- 6 hours of filming; including filming of your products and services, interview with business owner and or employees , in one location, with the completed edited project. 1-7 minutes in length. Great for your website and or TV commercial. Travel expenses additional exceeding a 50km radius from Barrie, Ontario.

PRICE: $ 1500. (Average)

*Short 20-30 second videos are great for your opening page on your website are also great to advertise your services and products. These videos are often used now to play instantly upon clicking on your website to draw in the customer immediately. Prices can be negotiated by the time and production costs to produce them but on average costs range around $500- $1000. Filming times exceeding no more than 2 hours and one location.

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