Cain Rose Up

Cain Rose Up

A depressed student goes on a sniping rampage from his dorm room window.

a short film based upon the story by Stephen King.

Curt, a depressed student is at the end of his school year in university. As he gets ready to leave his dorm-room, something in Curt's mind goes wrong. He is surrounded by some friends and many people he dislikes. On Curt's last day at school he pulls out his guitar case, but inside is not a guitar rather an instrument of death, and what he is about to do with it will cause a huge uproar of screams and distress. In the end, Curt is looking down the sight at one of his best friends. Will Curt pull the trigger?

Directed by Jesse James Marshall

Cast: Ryan C. Barton, Dylan Colton, Stephen Dobby, and Matthew Paquette.

Written by Stephen King

Screenplay by Jesse James Marshall

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